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Learnline mobile: More versatile than ever!

Learnline mobile

Flexible and modular Learnline is of modular design and offers an almost unlimited range of configuration possibilities for your Learnline workstation.

High mobility and optimum use of space Individual or group training workstations can be created with a minimum of effort wherever they are required. Transport through doors is also possible. This mobile workstation is designed in such a way as to permit several people to work simultaneously. This is further facilitated by the two integrated fixed drawer units that ensure quick and easy access to the required components of the Learning System.

Optimum use of space The positioning of the storage plate means that the free space beside the fixed drawer units can be used for Systainer or other storage systems. The hydraulic power unit with single pump fits conveniently beside the 1100 mm profile plate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Hydraulics for advanced trainees The double pump power unit fits neatly on the frame beside the fixed drawer units with no additional attachment required. The discharge measuring container also fits beside the 1100 mm profile plate.          Pneumatic and electrotechnical training The storage plate can hold up to two compressors. Further mounting frames for electronic components in A4 format, for example, can be used in addition to the 700 mm profile plate.                                        Vertical or inclined?  Choose the vertical profile plate if you want to use the worktop for books or laptops for example. Or if the workstation is to be used from both sides, opt for the inclination unit with an additional profile plate to adapt the plate inclination to your requirements.                             The preferred types with price advantage. Flexibly expandable. (Overall dimensions W1556 x D780 x H1773)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
With 1100 x 700 mm profile plate and ER frame
With 700 x 700 mm profile plate and ER frame
With 2 x 700 x 700 mm profile plate and ER frame
Optimum use of space                                                   
Hydraulics for advanced trainees                                
Pneumatic and
electrotechnical training
Vertical or inclined                                                             

Stationary Learnline: Ergonomic and flexible

Stationary Learnline

The stationary solution With the stationary workstation systems, Learnline combines the requirements for typical desk systems with high functionality. They provide ample desk space and legroom thanks to the roller container. The containers also ensure quick and easy access to any required components.

Vertical or inclined? The reliable profile plate is fastened to the stable profile of the angle adjustment. The inclination of the slotted profile plate can be infinitely adjusted, all the way down to a horizontal position. The workstation arrangement thus always offers the best ergonomic position for any exercise.

Move up into another dimension: profile columns as set-up space Use the versatile profile columns as a set-up space, compatible with Quick-Fix, for equipment sets or for attaching additional components vertically. Further components, for example cylinders with a 400 mm stroke, can be mounted on the angle adjustment profile. At the same time, the mounting frame arrangement for ER or A4 units provides flexibility.

Optimum space utilisation Thanks to the angle adjustment, the profile plate can be lowered into a horizontal position. Use the available space for A4 or ER mounting frames.        Pneumatic and electrical training In addition to the 700 mm profile plate, additional mounting frames can be inserted for electronic components.             Ergonomic connections With the supply duct, you have all important interfaces within reach. Not only the electrical and pneumatic supply, but also PC interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet or serial interfaces, can be integrated in the supply duct.  The preferred types with price advantage. Flexibly expandable. (Overall dimensions W1512 x D780 x H1718)                                                                                         
With 1100 x 700 mm profile plate and ER frame
With 700 x 700 mm profile plate and ER frame
Move up into another dimension
Optimum space utilisation
Pneumatic and electrical training
Ergonomic connections

Learntop – The low-cost desktop mounting system

The low-cost introduction to the world of training packages from Festo Didactic: Enjoy the advantages of the profile plate and the ER mounting frame when carrying out your pneumatic, hydraulic, sensor or PLC training. The devices can be clearly arranged and ensure an ergonomic working position at your existing work tables and benches. Mounting parts and instructions for mounting the profile plates are included. It is recommended that Learntop be fastened to the table for security reasons.​
Learntop-S – The low-cost desktop mounting system
  • Mobile: Can be simply set up on the bench or on an existing work table.
  • Versatile: for single and double sided use
  • Ergonomic: The angled work surface enables components to be easily assembled.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1110 x 525 x 980 mm
  • Accepts up to 4 profile plates of size 350 x 1100 mm (order no. 162360) or 2 profile plates 700 x 1100 mm (order no. 159411)
  • Accepts up to 2 profile plates of size 350 x 1100 mm (order no. 162360) and 2 slotted mounting plate for Learntop-S for Quick-Fix clamping components mounting, one of them on each side.         
Equipment holder for use on one side of the workstation. Ergonomic arrangement of components thanks to the inclined profile plate. Not suitable for hydraulic training. Can hold up to 2 profile plates of size 350 x 1100 mm (order no. 162360) or one profile plate of size 700 x 1100 mm (order no. 159411).
Equipment holder for use on one side of a workstation; for profile plates of size 700 x 1100 mm (order no. 159411). For horizontal profile plate configurations. Not suitable for hydraulic training.                                                         
Aluminium profile plate
The anodised aluminium profile plate forms the basis for all training packages. All of the components fit securely and safely into the grooves on the profile plate. There are grooves on each side and, if required, both sides can be fitted with components. The grooves are compatible with the ITEM profile system. Grid dimensions: 50 mm. For installation on tables we recommend the appropriate rubber
  • 700 x 550 mm 
  • 3 700 x 700 mm 
  • 4 700 x 1100 mm
Mounting kit for hydraulic cylinder with weight
To be mounted on Learnline with a vertical or horizontal profile plate (alternatively for mounting on the Learnline profile column) or Learntop-S with an inclined profile plate. With this mounting kit, the pulling and pushing load of the basic hydraulics packages, which comprise the cylinder (order no. 152857) and weight (order no. 152972), can be achieved. The cover (order no. 152973) must be used for safety reasons.
Plug-in adapter set
The plug-in adapter set can be used to mount the ER units directly on the blue plug-in board or on the aluminium profile plate. One set is required to mount one unit.
Rubber feet
For non-slip, protective mounting of profile plates on tabletops of any type. Set (4 pieces).
  • Natural rubber, colour does not rub off upon contact
  • Abrasion resistant quality
  • Colour: grey, similar to RAL 7001
  • Rubber foot with M6x8 plus M6 nut
  • Set consists of 4 pieces
Slotted mounting plate
All components with the Quick-Fix mounting system can be mounted on slotted mounting plates. The slotted mounting plates are fitted with elastic buffers and can be used horizontally on a table top. Order no. 159331 can also be inserted in conventional A4 mounting frames. The slotted mounting plates are not intended for use with actuators.

Swing – flexible solutions, configuration examples

Swing – flexible solutions, configuration examples
Swing – flexible solutions, configuration examples
   Swing – mobile dual work station Particularly flexible and versatile. The mobile dual work station Swing (W 1250 x D 800 x H 1850 mm) is perfectly suited for presenting the introductory seminar on installation technology and EIB, as well as for conducting all other tests which require you to stand. The rollable basic frame can be individually equipped with or without:
  • Storage area
  • Floor cabinet
  • Perforated sheets
  • Aluminium profile plate
  • A4 mounting frame: 1-, 2- or 3-row
  • Monitor bracket
  • PC bracket
  • Cable receptacle
  • Socket strip
Swing – demo trolley
Swing – demo trolley Custom design your ideal demonstration trolley. You can choose from the following furniture modules:
  • Floor cabinets
  • PC bracket
  • Monitor bracket
  • A4 mounting frames
  • Cable holder
  • Top cabinets incorporating the entire width of our 19" modules
The grooved mats enable clean and easy storage of the A4 plates in the floor cabinets. The single, double or triple row A4 mounting frame, positioned above the worktop, provides sufficient space for using the plates. A convenient and reliable solution for PC storage can be found in the floor cabinet equipped with ventilation grid and cable openings. Heavy duty extensions for motors can be integrated behind the revolving doors. A top cabinet or power ducts can be placed on the working surface (1360 x 675 mm) on request.
Swing – swivel table
The Swing swivel table is an electric workstation and lesson table in one. The same workstation can be used to conduct electrotechnical tests in the morning and give theoretical lessons in the afternoon. At the press of a button, the superstructure is lowered out of sight in a matter of seconds. This provides immediate access to the entire working surface. And all of the equipment is protected. All equipment, PC interfaces and power supplies can be integrated in the superstructure. The tables are available in all standard sizes.
  • 1200 mm
  • 1600 mm
  • 1800 mm
  • 2000 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 900 mm
  • 1000 mm                   
The manufacture of custom size tables is always possible.        
d0417a__0135-1.jpg Swing – lifting platform The right solution for every purpose. To list a few examples, you can choose from:
  • Fixed voltages
  • Controllable power supply units
  • Controllable transformers
  • USB interfaces
  • Sub-D sockets
  • Ethernet sockets
  • Compressed air couplings
  • Plug sockets
  • Safety sockets
  • Soldering stations
  • Test equipment