Water-protected flush-mounted IP44 Gira TX_44/ Switching and pressing

Switching and pressing

Pushbutton switch 10 AX 250 V~ with rocker                                                  

Pushbutton switch, 10 AX 250 V~ with 2-gang rocker                                  

Pushbutton indicator switch 10 AX 250 V~ with rocker

Button 10 AX 250 V with upright rocker 2-way momentary-contact, 1-pole

Push-button 10 AX 250 V~ with straight rocker with inspection window 2-way momentary-contact, 1-pole


Rocker with inscription space                                                                                                      

Rocker with symbol                                                                                                                                  

Rocker with symbol and inscription space Bell

2-gang rocker                                           

Rockers with arrow symbol                                     

Rocker with control window

Rocker with control window and imprint “Heizung Ein/Aus” (heating on/off)

Cover with toggle switch for three-stage switch Zero setting                                                         

Hotel-card button 10 AX 250 V~ with inscription space (IP20) 2-way momentary-contact, 1-pole

Blank cover plate