Gira E2 sample functions

Intelligent functions for the smart home

Based on the modular Gira System 55, the Gira E2 design line offers more than 300 functions for increased comfort, security, and savings. From smart individual solutions, to door communication, to networked building equipment, KNX or wireless, you can implement your own smart home at various level of configuration and ready for whatever the future holds.

Gira blind control button Standard

Raising and lowering blinds each day is a breeze with the standard blind control button. Briefly pressing the button adjusts the slats, If the button is pressed for longer than a second, blinds and shutters automatically go up or down. The Standard blinds control system also has an electronic lock.

Gira Sensotec LED

Finding your way safely in the dark and switching on the room light if needed with a single contactless motion: The Gira Sensotec LED unites these functions in one device. The Gira Sensotec LED is a contactless switch with integrated LED orientation light. When motion is detected, it switches the orientation light on. If more light is needed, the user can switch on the lighting without contact with a motion in 5 cm proximity.

Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter

Gira eNet is the bi-directional wireless system for intelligent networking of building technology, allowing you to control lighting, blinds and ambience easily and wirelessly. The battery-operated Gira radio wall transmitters can be conveniently placed exactly where switches or buttons are required, regardless of the mains connections. They can be either securely mounted on the wall or conveniently attached to smooth surfaces with adhesive strips. Bi-colour LEDs indicate both the signal transmission status and the actuator status.

Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus

The Video AP Plus home station is homogeneous in the front: Its 5.6 cm (2.2") TFT colour display is flush with the touch-sensitive buttons of the control panel. Gently touching the respective symbol is enough. In order to ensure greater operational reliability, internal calls and switching actions can be assigned individual names. The hands-free function offers high-voice quality, even if the speaker is not in the immediate vicinity of the microphone.

Gira push button sensor 3 Plus

The Gira touch sensor 3 Plus guarantees a great degree of convenience in operating numerous KNX functions. In addition to an integrated temperature sensor to measure the local temperature, it also features a controller for direct room temperature control. An external temperature sensor can also be connected if desired. The graphical display shows temperature values, controller status, and messages from the KNX system in a very comprehensible way.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with
LED orientation light

The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light has a recessed light strip that projects a light corridor downwards by means of a white LED. This provides glare-free, indirect orientation light. Furthermore, the socket outlet features a twilight sensor that automatically turns on the light when darkness sets in and switches it off again when there is enough natural light.

Gira RDS flush-mounted radio

The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio simply sits in the wall – just like the light switches and socket outlets. This avoids annoying cables and keeps work surfaces and counters free. The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio is characterized by its pure sound and supports the processing of stereo signals. Using a separately installed Gira docking station, external music sources can be linked to the Gira flush-mounted RDS radio via Bluetooth.

Gira System 3000 Blinds­timer display

Touch-sensitive buttons and a high-contrast illuminated display make operating the Gira System 3000 Display blind timer easier than ever before. In addition to manual operation, the current time for all seven days can be stored for programming the operation times. As an alternative, individual settings can be made separately according to certain days using the menu. The changeover between summer and winter time is carried out automatically.

Gira water-protected pushbutton IP 44

The functions switch, push button, and socket outlets with hinged covers can also be installed in humid rooms water-protected in accordance with IP 44 by using special sealing sets.