Audio systems

RDS flush-mounted radio
Gira docking station
Revox operating unit Voxnet 218
Control units for the Revox multiroom system

A clean surround sound, the possibility of connecting a second speaker and an external MP3 player, two station presets, an RDS function, simple operation due to capacitive sensor technology, sleep mode and more besides: The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio offers lots of features for enhanced living comfort

The Gira docking station allows external music sources to be connected to the Gira RDS radio or a stereo system. What’s special about this, is that music is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth, so there is no need to connect mobile end devices directly. In addition, three exchangeable top units mean that a wide variety of smartphones and MP3 players can be charged.

Simply enter a room and listen to your favourite music at the touch of a button: The Voxnet 218 wall-mounted operating unit for Revox Voxnet makes this possible – in harmony with the design of the Gira switch ranges. The Voxnet multi-user audio system’s easy and intuitive single-button operation via the wall-mounted control units makes it unique on the market. Every button in the Revox system can be assigned to any function.

Being able to use a single system to switch music or radio programmes on or off everywhere in the home and having control units in various rooms for sophisticated sound variation and regulation is one of the conveniences of the modern home.