Combilift 552


The best of two worlds in one system.
In the new COMBILIFT 552 product generation, the drive cylinders have been integrated into the side walls of the platforms. The new position of the cylinders means that 30 cm less space is required and the system can be driven on more comfortably.
All new Combilifts are extremely flexible, as we can create a new height every 5 cm to park vehicles of a height from 150 cm to 220 cm.

Another innovation common to all Combilift systems are the new sliding doors, which are directly integrated into the system, further reducing the space required.

Space efficiency - This is where the new Combilift 552s play a key role, as they significantly reduce the space required by the vehicle in terms of area and volume. The size and volume of the new Combilift also means that the parking spaces optimise land use and allow for more green spaces and open living spaces.

Sustainability requires that resources are used, reused and conserved as efficiently as possible.

The smaller size of the building reduces the need for building materials and the amount of construction waste.
It also requires less earthwork and excavation, less shoring and construction time, and less downtime.
The new Combilift systems contribute to sustainability through efficient energy use. A lower volume of additional installations minimises power consumption, especially in underground and enclosed car parks.


Linked projects

  • Semi-automatic car parking system.
  • Platform widths up to 300 cm.
  • Platform loads of 2,000 kg, 2,600 kg and 3,000 kg.
  • Variable arrangement of 2 to 10 grid modules next to each other.
  • High user-friendliness and parking comfort. All new Combilifts are extremely flexible as we can create a new height every 5 cm to park vehicles from 150 cm to 220 cm high.
  • Independent parking on 2 levels above each other.
  • The parking spaces are selected via a central operating element.
  • Convenient operation with different operating concepts.

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